Community News #100

Arrobee Lawspeaker posted 24 hours ago

This is it, the 100th Community Newsletter, and we aren't stopping now. Here's to our great community, because we wouldn't be here without you! Cheers!

It seems like only yesterday that we were staring at the kickstarter page for Camelot Unchained. Mark Jacobs was telling us all his plans and ambitions for this game we find ourselves yearning for. While we still haven't received the official date for Beta 1, Mark stated in CU's most recent Newsletter that CU Beta will definitely start this year. They have knocked out three BIG tasks off their Beta Checklist, and are close to ticking off three more. While the wait can sometimes be unbearable, we all know deep down that it is for the best. Each passing week City State Entertainment finds itself making increasingly larger strides as their newly hired engineers learn the Unchained Engine; CSE's built-from-scratch game engine that will give us the grand battles we long for. Word has it that CSE will be testing their guild system sometime next week with IT and Alpha backers, maybe one more Beta 1 feature to check off the list? Fingers crossed!

This weeks Wrap-Up video featured Andrew and Tyler, you can just feel and see the excitement these two have as they explain the accomplishments the team has made over the past few weeks. You can find the video here, and the corresponding newsletter here. Don't miss the next livestream Wrap-Up this Friday at 4pm est on CityStateGames Twitch channel!

Clan Sverker is looking to increase our activities and presence in ESO. Leading the charge is Mydnitte once again, this time with some guild Trial runs. What are Trials? They are a 12 person dungeon of sorts that require planning and patience. While we might not have either of those prerequisites, it should be a great time all the same! We would love to field a full guild group of 12 so please sign up if you can make it! Any remaining spots will be filled from external sources. The event will be held on the 24th at 7pm est. Sign up here!

Enrico is looking for other ways to reinforce our community in game. He will be getting in touch with players in ESO and may create a poll or thread to gather helpful info for making everyone's experience more enjoyable. Keep an eye towards the forums for any such communication, or jump the gun and contact Enrico first! Golden stars for all the overachievers!

The Minecraft server is getting a fresh face. There will be an outage all day on the 24th while the server is backed up. The server will reboot on the 25th with the Quark mod, a vanilla+ mod that adds loads of features and tons of blocks to build with. If you are unfamiliar with installing mods on Minecraft, Arnfield or Arrobee can help you get setup. We would like to use this fresh start to focus on working and building together as a guild. While we can't force you to play with the group, it would be nice to keep everyone in a general area to build as neighbors and partake in co-op builds. If you need help installing the mod, or have any questions or comments, feel free to bring them up in this thread.

While we don't receive frequent updates on our members in EQ, we did recently get a few screenshots from their raid at the Tower of Frozen Shadows, and a quest to kill the Corrupted Brownie. I don't think they mean the tasty kind either, shame! We are always looking forward to more stories from Lucian, Endy and the rest of the gang on EQ P1999. You can find the currently available screenshots here.

It has been far too long since our last Mead Moot. To rectify this glaring disservice, Jorvald has issued a save-the-date for March 2nd at 8pm est. For those new to the guild, or anyone needing a refresher, Enrico put it best in a recent thread when he said,

"It is where we all get together on TeamSpeak and talk (socialize) while enjoying a beverage of our choice. Gaming need not be involved." -Enrico

It has been tradition that before gaining access to the Mead Moot channel, you need to post a picture of your beverage on the forums, in a thread that will be created on that day. Those Sverkers who are underage or not fancy to drinking can still gain access, all you need to do is post a picture of your non-alcoholic beverage. Just be warned of the adult nature these events may create. Ask your Mum for permission first. You can sign up for the event here, any questions can be voiced in this thread.

Guess who's back, back again. Jorvald's back, tell a friend! Although his busy life still demands most of his attention. Feel free to continue contacting Arnfield or Arrobee with questions or toss them at the big man himself!

The recent sentiment given by our Lurker Sverkers from the mass mail sent out two weeks ago has been overwhelmingly positive. We are glad to know you are all still with us and in good spirits. Don't be afraid to jump into TeamSpeak even if you aren't currently playing a game with us. We'd truly love to hear more from you.

In the happiest of happy news, Fadain recently shared with us that she is expecting a baby girl on May 6th. Awesome and Congratz, Fadain! We wish you, and your little Sverker, nothing but the best! <3

That about sums it up for this week! If you think I missed or left something out, be sure to tell us in the comments below!

And as always, Keep on keepin' on!