Community News #84

Jorvald Mormaer posted Wed at 12:14

A quick regrouping after a succesful and well earned Sej capture. Nice work, everyone!

Another week has passed and we continue our steady march foward. In-game activity is fantastic, groups are being ran, PvP groups are successful, newer members show improvement every night and we still see a steady flow of great new additions into our ranks!

On the subject of pvp groups... we now have added two more official and scheduled PvP nights in Cyrodiil as well as turning Monday night groups into a night dedicated more with training, praticing and showing newer players / members the ropes of ESO PvP. This is great news as it's the first step into re-establishing our grip and name as a prominent PvP guild that we had about a year ago before we left ESO. Normally I'll be leading these groups, but as i've mentioned before my personal / real life is kind of hectic right now, so on the occasion that I cannot come the responbility of leading the group will fall to a Lawspeaker, when a Lawspeaker is not online, it'll be the Hirthmathur's duty, and so on (unless sometime volunteers). The times of our events and groups can be found on our calendar! 

Finally for the ESO front, I just want to remind everyone about the guild store, which we just got re-established a few days ago. If we put some effort into the store, we can bid on a trader that will allow other players access to our store, thus helping guild and personal funds. Every account can put up 30 items on it at a time, so list some items! However, do not, do not, do not put useless shit on there. I don't want to see husks, bug parts, or etc.

Arro's masterfully built CS fortress in Camelot Unchained.

Camelot Unchained news is about the same as it has been; no official word on Beta - yet, but they're making great progress and seem to be getting more and more excited with every passing newsletter and live stream. However, Arro has been hard at working playing around with C.U.B.E, the building engine for CU, and has created a pretty bad ass fortress with a pretty great looking pair of banners flying over head! This is just the first of many come launch! TDD and Arthurians.. beware!