Community News #87 - Tartan Edition.

Jorvald Mormaer posted Wed at 14:22

The Sverker tartan.

Hello and good afternoon / morning / evening, community! Today is a very special and historic day for Clan Sverker! Why might you ask? Well Clan Sverker has obtained another feat and gaming first this morning. I finally recieved word from the Scottish Registar of Tartans, congratulating us that the official tartan of Clan Sverker, has met all requirements and has thus been included into Scottish Government's Registar of Tartans! While we could have done without officially registering it, doing so an important move to ensure that the rights of our tartan will never be infringed upon. You all will probably be sick of hearing this by the time the week is over with, but guys, we couldn't have achieved this without the support from our very own Arro, Myd, Noggz, Khaine and Lucian. Thank you guys for helping make this happen! Read more about our tartan here!

Busy week for CS in Cyrodiil; Jor adding insult to injury, Arro pulling an IC boss, and a CS group battering down an AD gate.

Elder Scrolls Online has been keeping us quite busy here at Clan Sverker. We seem to be able to get into Cyrodiil more and more often, as well as a very interested push into doing Silver / Gold pledges. It's of interest to all of our memberbase to note that our guild groups increasingly find ourselves playing on the Trueflame campaign rather than Azura's Star, so be sure to ask what campaign we're playing in before que'ing up for one or the other! As far as ESO goes, the only other thing that I can really say on this front is to keep on grinding up in the CP levels. As I say often, the more people we have over cp160 the better for our groups and the Ebonheart Pact, especially during these times when "green team" is out in force. 

I also want to quickly remind all members that if you need a hand with anything; a quest, a dungeon, PvP or even some gear being made - just ask! We're all here to help one another! There's also the fact that if you have screenshots to add to a newsfeed, just send them to myself or another officer and we'll be sure to make good use of them!